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The Best Archery Targets - 2019 Reviews

The aim of this guide is to help give you advice on what is the best archery target in 2019. As you no doubt know, practice makes perfect. The only way you are going to be able to practice is if you have a target to shoot at. Picking the target that is best for you will depend on the type of archery you do and the equipment you use.

When buying a target for your archery, you need to find one that is durable and allows you to shoot multiple arrows at it. There is no point in buying one and it needing to be replaced in just a few sessions. Once you have fired your arrows at the target, you also want to be able to pull the arrows out easily. (In the past I have had to leave arrows in some targets!)

Below you will see reviews of the best archery targets, hopefully this will help you to find the right target for you and your needs.

Image of archery target with arrow in bulls-eye

Best Archery Targets of 2019





​18" x 18" x 13.5"

Types of Archery Targets

As already mentioned there are different types of targets and knowing which one to use can be confusing. As it does depend on the type of equipment you are using. Below are the 4 major styles, allowing you to be able to choose the best archery target for you and your needs.

Bag Targets

Bag targets are probably one of the most common archery targets, perfect for beginner archers as well. Usually the entire surface area can be shot at and not just the actual bullseyes themselves. The outside of the bags is often the same material you will see on other outdoor covers, some of which are easily replaced with continued use.

Inside the bags you will find a synthetic material which is designed to be able to withstand a lot of shooting, in fact the inside of the bag will certainly outlive the outside. The material inside the bag target is very effective at stopping your arrows, but at the same time they are usually very easy to be removed. As long as you DON'T use Broadhead tips, you should only use field points.


One of the great things about these bag targets is that they can usually be used anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. They are a porous material, which means they are not suitable in wet weather. These types of targets will normally have a handle on so you can either sit it on the floor or hang it from a target stand.

Block Targets

The next type of target is bocks, some of these are made out of a foam material. This foam causes friction which helps to stop the arrow from penetrating too far, whilst also keeping the arrow tips in one piece. Like Bag targets, it is important that you only use field tips and not broadheads. (Unless it does have a foam insert)

It’s also worth noting that bows with a really heavy draw weight could also get their arrows stuck in the targets. Many archers like to use block targets because they are very easy to move around, as well as be durable. If you are planning to shoot outdoors then these types of targets are ideal, although because of them being lightweight they can also be used indoors.

3D Targets

Using the above two targets are great if you are just starting out or interested in target archery, but what if you are wanting to do hunting? 3D targets are specifically designed to look like the animals you might be intending to hunt, not only that the foam often depicts the organs of the animal.

This is essential when practicing hunting, as you need to make sure to hit the right spot for a humane kill. A great way of helping to improve your accuracy with your compound bow. Like other targets you should only use field tips as broadheads will get stuck, unless it has a foam insert then it is normally possible to use them.

3D Archery targets are often fairly lightweight, allowing you to move them around. They do however wear out over time so you will need to get replacements every so often.

​Paper Target Faces

Probably the most well-known type of target, if you have done any kind of archery lessons you will probably have been shooting these. The typical vegas style target with the gold, red, blue, black and white circles.

These are ideal if you are wanting to focus more on improving accuracy or if you are wanting to get into scoring/competitions. These are made out of paper and therefore you would want some form of target set up to stick them to. One option would be to get a foam box target and fasten them onto that.

​Which Type Of Archery Target Is The Best?

Bag Targets

  • ​Perfect for Target Archery
  • ​Designed For Field Tips
  • ​Good For Recurve & Compound Bows
  • ​Good Value For Money
  • ​Easy To Remove Arrows
  • ​Able To Move Them Easily
  • Often Need Some Kind of Stand
  • ​Not Suitable For Broadheads
  • ​Not Suitable For High Crossbows

​Box Targets (Foam)

  • ​Perfect for Target Archery
  • ​Suitable For Broadhead Tips
  • ​Good For Field Archery
  • ​Ideal For ALL Bow Types
  • ​Easy To Remove Arrows
  • ​Made From Self-Healing Material
  • ​More Durable 
  • ​Stand Not Often Needed
  • ​More Expensive
  • ​Will Not Last Forever 
  • ​Often Harder To Move Around

DIY Archery Targets

A good quality target us not cheap and therefore many people look for ways in which they can create a DIY target. You can often do this with some form of sack or foam from a hardware store.

Most people will go the DIY route to try and save some money BUT they will often not last as long as proper targets and therefore you may need to replace them more often. It’s also worth noting that DIY Archery Targets have not gone through the same rigorous testing, you could therefore be putting your arrows at risk...which is not cheap to replace!

Check out the video below though on how you could go about making your own target.

How To Choose The Best Archery Target?

With so many different targets, it’s hard to know which would be the best for your archery practice. Below you will find some different recommendations, but I also wanted to give 5 points that you should consider. This will help you pick the right target for the type of bow you plan to use.

The Type of Archery You Will Be Doing

The first thing you should think about is what are you actually going to be using the target for? The use will impact on the type of target you would want to buy. If the plan is to do target archery, you would be better off getting a bag or block target.

If however you want to do field archery or perhaps looking to get into archery, you would want to get a 3D practice target. These are ideal as they come in the shape of different animals that you would typically find on a hunt, including the ideal places for a humaine shot. 

The Durability of the Target

You do not want to buy a target for your archery and have to replace it every couple of months (or even less for really cheap ones). A Good quality target should last you at least a year, this naturally depends on how many arrows you do shoot on a daily/weekly basis.

The insides of the targets are normally very durable but the outside of covers do tend to wear away first. There are many bag targets that allow you to replace these covers, which means you can get even longer use out of them.

How Easy Can Arrows Be Removed?

It’s important to use a target where you are able to remove your arrows with very little effort. If your arrows cannot be easily removed, you risk not only causing more damage to the target but could also end up breaking your arrows.

The Mobility Of The Target

When I look for a archery target, I like to find one that I can move around easily. I often shoot in the garden but at times will also shoot in the garage, If i’m not able to move my target then this can make it very difficult. Many of the ones that are advertised as portable will come with some kind of strap, allowing you to carry it around as well as hold it up onto a stand.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of the archery target is naturally going to be a big decision on which one you go for. You don’t want to spend over the odds for a big target, if you are simply not going to use it as much. At the same time you don’t want to buy one that is going to need to be replaced in a couple of months.

All of the targets I recommend below are ones that I think are really good value and are also built to last you for thousands and thousands of shots. Many of them do also come in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to potentially get a smaller one if you want to save a little money but still get a high quality target. 

Best Archery Target Reviews

Double Duty Archery Target from Morrell

Whether you are using a recurve bow, compound bow or a crossbow, the Morrell Double Duty target block will suit your needs. It has been specifically designed to handle shots of up to 400 fps, as long as you are using field tips. Unlike some archery targets, this one is completely weatherproof.

One of the things I really like about this target is the amount of actual targets you can shoot at. There are a total of 4 targets you can shoot at, each one different to help you improve your accuracy. It features a nine-ball target, dartboard, 5 different sized bulls-eyes and finally deer vitals.

​It’s not a lightweight target, it weights an impressive 32lbs. It does site flat on the floor and according to Morrell will not fall over, so it can be set and left in the place where you want it. Morrell are confident that it is the best and will be suitable for your needs, it also comes with a full 2 year warranty.


  • Very Durable and Long Lasting
  • Suitable For All Bow Types
  • ​Free Standing
  • ​4 Different Targets
  • ​Replaceable Covers


  • ​Cannot Use Broadheads

Image for the target Block Black

The Block Classic has received a lot of positive reviews and is actually supposed to be one of the best 2 sided archery targets, is this true? The block itself is fairly light weight at between 14-18 lbs and is available in 3 different sizes.

It is made up with a layered foam, which prevents your arrow from entering the target and getting stuck. One thing I do like about this target is that it supports both field and broadheads, although it’s worth noting that broadheads will wear the target away quicker. (The target is NOT self healing).

Overall a decent block target for the low price.


  • ​Different Sizes Available 
  • ​Both Field and Broadhead
  • ​Contratsing Target Faces
  • ​2 Sided Target
  • Decent Price


  • ​Not Suitable For Crossbows
  • ​Edge Could Damage Arrows

image showing the RhinoBlock target from Rhinehart

Imagine a target block with 40 targets, that is exactly what the Rinehart RhinoBlock has to offer. Whether you are using field or broadhead tips, this target will dramatically help improve your accuracy and allow you to continue using it for years and years.

The target itself is very durable, but with the XL version you can replace the inserts which will make it last even longer. At 25 lbs, you can carry this and position it wherever you need with ease.

​Each of the 6 faces of the cube can be used as a target face, 4 of these have target zones that are high vis so they show in low light. The other 2 have 3D deer target zones. This is not a low cost block target but if you want quality, it’s worth it!


  • ​Self Healing
  • ​Replaceable Inserts
  • ​High Vis Zones
  • ​Suitable For Field and Broadheads
  • ​Can Also Use Crossbows
  • ​Six Sided
  • ​Total Of 40 Targets


  • ​Price - But Worth It

Yello Jacket target from Morrell Targets

The second archery target from Morrell, however this is a bag type. If you are looking for a mid-range target, the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 is one of the most recommended. The material used is waterproof, which means you can shoot indoors or outdoors. As long as you use field tips it is incredibly durable and should allow you to shoot thousands of arrows at it.

This bag is 27 lbs so it is very easy to lift onto a target mount, it features 2 mounting holes and a handle. In terms of targets there are 2 sides that you can shoot, each one with 5 targets. These are a hexagon shape and feature 2 black hexagons and a red hexagon, allowing you to improve your accuracy. The centre hexagon is much smaller, than the 4 outer ones.

​Morrell have worked very hard on this design to help ensure your arrows wont get stuck, even at 320 fps. They have done this by using a multi layer design, helping the arrow to penetrate the target but not get stuck. ​This means that even if you unfortunately don't hit the target, you will still be able to get your arrow out easily for another go.


  • ​Waterproof For All Seasons
  • ​Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors
  • ​Replaceable Covers
  • ​Handle and Mounting Rings
  • ​Easy Arrow Retreival


  • ​May Fall Over
  • ​Not For Broadhead Tips

Hurricane Archery Bag Target From Field Logic

The second target bag is the Hurricane from Field Logic. The bag will help to stop arrows with a field tip and can be shot from any type of bow weather recurve, compound and crossbow. (It’s suitable for up to 400 fps).

One thing that I really like is the contrasting colours, which means you should still be able to see the target off into the distance. The bag features two shooting sides, the front and the back. The back has a deer target, which shows key scoring zones such as the heart, lungs and liver. On the front there are 9 targets, each featuring 3 rings.

​The handle is fairly sturdy so you can easily move it around, with 3 size options available. In terms of price, it is very responsible and should suit your for hundreds and hundreds of shots.


  • ​Suitable For Bows & Crossbows
  • ​Two Sided Target
  • ​Decent Price
  • ​Good For Transporting
  • ​Easy Arrow Retreival
  • ​3 Sizes Available


  • ​Not Waterproof
  • ​Covers Are Not Replaceable
  • ​May Fall Over
  • ​Cannot Use Broadheads

​Best Crossbow Targets 2019

Crossbows are incredibly powerful and this means you need to find a crossbow target that is appropriate, but which is best? Even though some of the above archery targets will be suitable, if you are using a crossbow you may want to find one designed for that type of bow.

There are however many different targets available, different sizes, prices and different style targets. It can be a complete mine field to find the best one for you. Below are the top 3;

SpyderWeb Crossbow Target

If you are looking for a target for your crossbow, you want to take a look at the SpyderWeb ST XL. These are advertised by the manufacture as a no speed limit target, allowing you to shoot with as much power as possible. Regardless of the speed of your bolts, you should still be able to easily remove them from the target.

To help increase the durability of the target, it is self-healing. This results in you being able to shoot again and again. The material of the target is waterproof so it can be positioned inside or outside and the metal handle makes it easy to be transported.


  • ​Self-Healing
  • ​No Speed Limit
  • ​Suitable For All Bow Types
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Easily Transported


  • ​Cannot Use Broadheads

Block Black B20

​This is one of the best crossbow target on the market with the Block Black B20. You are able to shoot all 4 sides of the target and due to its size, you should be able to shoot from 50 yards away and not risk losing your bolts.

The block has been designed to allow easy bolt removal, whether you are using field points or broadheads. The target faces have been designed to help increase your accuracy, whether you are shooting close or further away.


  • ​Suitable For Both Field & Broadhead Tips
  • ​4 Sided Target
  • ​Easy Arrow/Bolt Removeal 
  • ​Tough Target
  • ​2 Sizes Available


  • ​Handle Is Not Easy To Hold

Double Duty Archery Target from Morrell

For the price, this is an excellent field tip target. One of the best for crossbows but can also be used with other types of bows. It has been specifically designed to be easy to retrieve your arrows or bolts.

One of the things I really like about this crossbow target is the 4 shooting sides. Each one offers something different, from the standard 6 bullseyes to a dark board, full coloured deer and even a 9 ball game.


  • ​Wide Range Of Target Types
  • ​Suitable For All Bow Types
  • ​Easy Arrow/Bolt Removeal 


  • ​Not Suitable For Broadhead Tips

​Above are some of the best archery targets on the market, I am sure you will find the right one for you and your needs. If you do have any questions, please do post them below and I will answer them for you as soon as possible. 

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