The Best Beginner Recurve Bow 2019

Beginner Recurve Bow

The Best Beginner Recurve Bow 2019“What’s the best beginner recurve bow?” is one of the most common questions I get asked by people looking to get into archery. There are a lot of things to think about when looking for your first recurve bow and this can be intimidating. The bows come in different sizes, … Read more

35 Famous Archers in the fictional world

Famous Archers in Fiction

35 Famous Archers in Fiction, History & Video GamesThere are many famous archers in the world of fiction, but which one’s the best? With archers appearing in Movies/Tv, Games and Novels, there are a lot to choose from. Last week the Arrow mid-season break finished, I was about 4 episodes behind so I invited a couple … Read more

How To Hold a Bow and Arrow

Feature image on how to hold a bow and arrow

​Learn How To Hold a Bow and Arrow Steps To Holding The Bow There are two common mistakes that beginner archers make when holding the bow. The first is gripping to tight, you should have a relaxed grip on the bow. Secondly when archers release the arrow they move their hand too soon which can … Read more