Top 17 Famous Archers in the fictional world

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Quick Navigation The Top 17 Famous Fictional ArchersRobin HoodGreen ArrowLegolasHawkeyeKatniss EverdeenCupidPrincess MeridaDaryl DixonSylvanas WindrunnerSusan PevensieMalcolm MerlynLinkNeytiriAbigail WhistlerHanzoWill Treaty (The Ranger’s Apprentice)Artemis There are many famous archers in the world of fiction, but which one’s the best? With archers appearing in Movies/Tv, Games and Novels, there are a lot to choose from. Last week the Arrow mid-season … Read more

How To Hold a Bow and Arrow

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​Learn How To Hold a Bow and Arrow Steps To Holding The Bow There are two common mistakes that beginner archers make when holding the bow. The first is gripping to tight, you should have a relaxed grip on the bow. Secondly when archers release the arrow they move their hand too soon which can … Read more